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Ayurveda Vegetarian Diet - The Naturally Healthy Food Plan

If you study the internal organs, especially those dedicated to digestive function, you will find it is designed to handle vegetarian food only. The food pipe and digestive tract of humans is similar to the herbivorous animals and not like meat-eating animals. This is one sign that humans will be better off with a vegetarian diet.

Another thing to point out is, the vegetarian people tend not to fall prey to heart diseases, high blood pressure, and the like. Take for example the growing number of heart patients in India. It can mainly be attributed to higher intake of meat products than it was a few decades ago.

Those two points suggest, we will be better off with a vegetarian diet. Ayurveda suggests a vegetarian diet. However, Ayurveda is not entirely against non-vegetarian food. You can take meat, dairy, egg, etc. However, it has restrictions. You can take meat and dairy products in the spring and summer seasons because the digestion will be easier. For the colder months, digestion is difficult and you should avoid meat.

While taking Ayurvedic medicines, it is essential that you keep strict diet restrictions. These restrictions will help the medicines to act fast on your body.

Another factor about Ayurvedic diet is that the same food that is medicine for one person can become poison for the next person. This is because the exact physical conditions of the persons can vary.

In addition, vegetarian food can promote normal digestion, metabolism and elimination. You will also see a better immune system, weight control, and overall healthy living. Vegetarians also experience less instances of cancers, coronary heart diseases, piles, diabetes, constipation, bowel problems, and various other problems.

Thus, vegetarian food will provide you a better lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle you don't want to miss.

However, mere vegetarian is not the only thing. You also need to cut down on cooking oils, which give the digestive system a hard time. Always eat easily digestible food. If your body digests the food you eat and helps you become healthier, that is good food for you. If the same food causes constipation or other problems at a different time, avoid it.

Similarly, dairy products are discouraged for certain types of people - (kapha type according to Ayurveda). Dairy products will increase mucus in such persons. The other two types (vata and pitta) can savor dairy products, as it is good for their body.

In addition, Ayurveda also suggests organic food. That is, food produced without using chemicals is best for your health. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides will do harm to your body. Organic crops don't use chemicals for their growth. And, it is healthier too.

If you make plans for a vegetarian lifestyle, it is a step in the right direction. You will be healthier and will have fewer diseases attacking you.