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  • Dandruff
  • Hair fall
  • Fungal infection in the scalp
  • Poor pigmentation of hairs
  • Alopecia areata

How it works:

Due to the degeneration of hair follicles, usually by the fungal attack that is along with dandruff, the hair formation, its growth, and pigmentation are in disorder. Here this GREENHAIR can cure the diseased follicles. The abundant antioxidants, nutrition and the correction of scalp ph and microbes clearance can do wonders. Hair fall comes down. Healthy follicles give out new healthy well pigmented stout hairs are the result.


Take few drops of oil and apply in the scalp and massage gently for few minutes. Wash off the oil after 45 minutes after the application with mild shampoo.


Supplement Facts
Ingredientes in 100 ml
Lawsonis Inermis     7.5 gm
Aloe Vera Ge     7.5 gm
Eclipta Alba     7.5 gm
Phylanthes Emblica     15 gm
Becopa Monieri 1.875 gm
Hydrocotyla Asiatica 1.875 gm
Cocos Nucifera Oil       45 ml
Ricinus Communos Oil       10 ml

1. Lawsonia inermes - The leaves of this herb is used. It has hair pigment improving principle. It corrects scalp ph to mild acidic that can check fugal growth on scalp.

2. Aloe Vera Gel - This has all known micronutrients that are inevitable for the regeneration of sick hair follicles. Smoothening of skin and its hair re-growing effect is utilized. Good sleep inducer also.

3 Eclipta Alba - This is another herb taken totally. This contains hair re-growing principles. Abundant vitamin-C and ferrous iron contribute.

4. Phyllanthes Emblica - The fresh juice of it contains tannins and vitamin-C gives scalp a coating and regeneration of the sick hair follicles.

5. Bacopa Monnieri - This water plant has hair growing components. The antioxidant helps for the regeneration of hair follicles. Good sleep inducer.

6. Hydrocotyle Asiatica - Vital amino acids and essential fatty acids required for hair growth and natural pigmentation.

7. Cocos Nucifera Oil - The coconut oil has lauric acid that checks scalp infections. It is the vehicle to carry the herbal ingredients on the scalp in most eco-friendly. This is good for skin also.

8. Ricinus Communis Oil - This also acts as a vehicle. The thickness of the oil gives smooth spreading with fingers easy. It has hair re-growth effect also.


Dandruff and Alopecia Areata

I've had severe dandruff for as long as I can remember. It wasn't until a few years back that I noticed that it was resulting in significant patches of hair loss. My dermatologist diagnosed it as "Alopecia Areata". Anti-fungal shampoos and medications given by several doctor were not working.

I found your website through the recommendation of a friend. It was then that I found your product GREENHAIR. I ordered it online and started using it right away following the exact instructions written on your website. After a few days of using it, both the dandruff and the itch were gone. Just like that. There were no flakes falling from my scalp at all. After 3 weeks of taking it , I noticed that I wasn't losing those patches of hair anymore. For some reason it also made me feel very relaxed and improved the quality of my sleep. I still continue to use it and the bald patches on my head caused by the Alopecia Areata, somehow regained hair growth and eventually where not visible at all. All I can say is that your product is truly amazing and it has become a "must have" in my house.

GREENHAIR is the only effective product that I have found for Alopecia Areata. I would recommend it highly to all of you out there suffering from the same problem. You won't be disappointed.

Lora Fabio, North Carolina

Hair Fall

I am a 42 rear old woman. I began losing my hair many years ago and it became so thin at one point that I felt bald. I was devastated by this as a woman and always thought that balding was only a problem for men. I tried almost everything over the years to stop my hair loss but nothing ever worked.

A close friend of mine told me about GREENHAIR and admitted to me that she had also suffered from the same issue with hair loss. I ordered it right away and stopped all other medications and shampoos that I was using. Remarkably, After 2 months of using your product, I have seen signs of new hair growing. The thickness of my hair has increased notably. I also feel very calm for some reason since using it.

Now I use GREENHAIR every day and I tell everyone about it. Thank you so much for helping me with a lifelong problem.

Hayley Meyers, New Jersey


No healing crisis or side effects are noticed.

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