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  • Migraine
  • Status migrainous
  • Cluster headache


For Adults 18 yrs or above, two (2) Capsules twice daily (every 12 hours) in empty stomach with lukewarm water.

Please give minimum 30 min to take any food after taking MIGTRIM.

Take optimum water to enhance elimination of released toxins from the body.


Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Capsules (500 mg each)
Servings per container: 60
Each Serving contains %DV
Vitex Negundo 75 mg *
Zingiber Officinale 75 mg *
Eclipta Alba 75 mg *
Phyllanthus Niruri 75 mg *
Strobilanthes Cucumerin 75 mg *
Monochoria Vaginalis 75 mg *
Evolvulus Alsinoides 50 mg *
* Daily value (DV) not established.



I have been a migraine sufferer all my life. I am a 40 yr old woman and I get horrible debilitating migraines several times a week. When they come on, it is almost impossible for me to function at all and I am highly sensitive to light. My vision even becomes impaired and they are often accompanied by vomiting. My doctor has given me many migraine medications but they just don't help at all.

I don't normally buy off the internet but I was at the end of my rope. I did an internet search on natural herbal migraine products and your site came up. It was really a blessing. I ordered one bottle of MIGTRIM after your recommendation.

I started using it with some doubt I have to admit but I was amazed at the results. After all these years, I did not get one more migraine attack after the day. I contacted one of your herbalist to find out how long I would need to use it before stopping and being assured that the migraines would not return. He suggested using MIGTRIM for a minimum period of 18 months.

For the last five months I have been using MIGTRIM have not had even a single migraine. I recommend MIGTRIM highly to anyone who knows how bad severe migraines are. It is an amazing product. In my opinion, the only one that works.

Sarah Julian, Ohio


I am an 18 year old college student. I just began to experience extremely painful vascular headaches since entering school. Every time I get one it leads to vomiting. It makes school work much more difficult because it's affecting my vision too. I was surfing the internet and found MIGTRIM. I placed an order for one bottle because at this point I needed to find something fast.

After using MIGTRIM my migraines are completely gone. My school work has improved significantly and my quality of life is definitely better. I am still using MIGTRIM, as the company herbalist advised. Thank God for this product. I have avoided ending up in a hospital and haven't had to resort to chemical medications.

Michael Polly, Arizona


No healing crisis or side effects are noticed.

Result within 30 days or Money Back, Guaranteed !!!

Herbal Herbal Herbal

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