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  1. Arthritis.
  2. Athletes Pain
  3. Any soft tissue injury
  4. Neck pain (spondylosis)
  5. Shoulder pain
  6. Elbow pain (tennis elbow / golf's elbow)
  7. Wrist pain (carpel tunnel syndrome)
  8. Back pain (lumbago ,sciatica, disk herniation or prolapse)
  9. Hip Pain (post injury, ischemic necrosis or enthesitis)
  10. Knee pain ( tendon or ligament injury, arthritis)
  11. Ankle pain (Achilles tendonitis, dorsal tendon tenosynovitis)
  12. Foot pain (plantar faciitis, arch of foot joint pains)
  13. Burns (immediate application prevent bleb formation) and for dressing in burns

How it works:

The plant ingredient in this formula gives a synergic effect. NUTRALGIN helps smoothening for skin; pain killing locally, reduces inflammation, even avoids bleb formation in burns if applied soon, and reduces muscle spasm on arthritis or injuries. Plant lignins in the formula help easy permeation of other ingredients into the deeper skin and act quickly.



Body massage oil for external use only. Take few drops of oil (sufficient quantity) and apply at the joints, muscles and any area you pain. Warm the oil in a metallic saucer in cold climates. Massage gently for 30 minutes and wash it with lukewarm water. Twice a day will give desired benefit.


Supplement Facts
Ingredientes in 100 ml
Anethum Sowa 25 gm
Moringa Oleifera 25 gm
Pongamia Glabra 25 gm
Ocimum Sanctum 25 gm
Aloe Vera 50 gm
Emblica Officinalis 25 gm
Sesamum Indicum Oil 50 ml
Castor Oil 50 ml

1) Borreria Hispida - This is a creeper and taken wholesome fresh. It has natural pain killing ingredients.

2) Anethum Sowa - The dried seeds of the herb whose extract have anti-inflammation and strong analgesic effects. It restores skin health also. The pain carrying fibers are modulated in the deep skin.

3) Moringa Oleifera - This is a fast growing tall tree whose fresh barks are taken. Its extract is added to the oil. Decongestive effect (reduce swelling) and local vascular dilatation to improve blood perfusion is documented in studies. It has pain reducing properties.

4) Pongamia Glabra - The fresh bark of this tree and its juice contains natural salicylic acid. It is strong pain killer and anti-inflammatory.

5) Ocimum Sanctum - The fresh extract is taken. This plant produces ozone. It is a natural pain killer. It smoothes the skin and reduces any edema on the skin.

6) Aloe Vera - This has lignin that helps passage of other ingredients in the oil to permeate into skin easily. Lignin is analgesic. The sap of its leaves has almost all micro nutrients, antioxidants and carotene. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect of Aloe Vera is famous. Natural skin tone is regained. It helps enhancing the wound healing.

7) Emblica Officinalis - The fresh juice of its fruits added. Most abundant Vitamin C, ferrous iron, high content of zinc and chromium helps wound healing and anti-infective effect. The tannins in it are capable of giving a skin coating that's invisible and protective.

8) Sesamum Indicum oil - This is the dried seed extracted oil (sesame oil). It has B-complex vitamins capable of pain sensation modulation. Antiseptic property keeps infection away. It can take away wound debries and immune stimulation.

9) Castor oil - The oil extracted from castor seeds. It acts as a vehicle to transfer the plant ingredients to the skin eco-friendly. Its mucilage-like feel gives easy spreading and massage.


Back Pain and enlarged prostate

I am a 70 year old male diagnosed with "Lumbago". I was on pain killers in order to manage the pain but was forced to stop because my stomach just couldn't tolerate it. A C.T. scan report of the lower spine showed multiple intervertebral disk dehydration and osteophyte formation that was compressing the nerve roots which was the reason for my pain

Because of my age, I was concerned about spinal surgery and decided against it. I also suffered from an enlarged prostate that made me urinate too frequently, especially at night. I was tested for Prostate Cancer and thankfully the tests came back negative.

My son brought me some information that he had found on the internet about your products. We ordered NUTRALGIN that same day. I started using it as soon as it arrived and immediately had some relief from the pain. After I saw improvements I began reading more about your other products. I then had an email consultation with your herbalist, who recommended that I take VASKO and NURAX along with external application of NUTRALGIN .

After a month of all 3 products, I could lie down with less back pain and had undisturbed sleep due to the reduced amount of urination. Two months later my total overall health had improved with each of my illnesses.

This is my sixth month on your products and I can finally say that both of my biggest health concerns, Severe back pain and enlarged prostate are almost completely gone. I never expected to see these kinds of results resulting from an herbal remedy. Anyhow my best wishes for success to millions who are suffering from pain.

Robert Redford, Oklahoma

Knee injury and pain

I am a house wife. I happened to fall in my garden due to slippery. My outstretched right hand and knees were injured, no bony fracture but had few abrasions. I had your herbal oil called NUTRALGIN at home as my father-in-law was using it. I applied over the affected areas and gave a smooth massage. My surprise, after 30 minutes the pain was disappeared. Usually this type of pain will be there few days. Moreover next day I got up without any difficulty. When I remembered about the incident it astonished me. The abrasions were healing without any pain or signs of infection. I ordered more NUTRALGIN to keep as a home remedy for any injury, burns and muscle pain. Thanks you for the help.

Lindsay Pearson, Utah



No healing Crisis or known side effects. It contains no chemicals or preservatives. 100% natural.

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