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Does Green coffee bean really work?

Today we want to talk to you regarding the Green Coffee Bean Extract. Our question to you is does coffee bean extract even works? It was in a TV Show related with health matter in ABC News has came up with the discovery that Green Coffee Bean Extract can bring in weight loss. The anchor of the show who is actually a herbal doctor expedited the popularity for Green Coffee Bean Extract. In that particular show the doctor has explained how awesome the product is and how the miracle pill can bring in positive results for those taking it.

People had gone crazy, why do i have to exercise, why do i have to diet.

Let's talk about the study they did with the Green Coffee Bean Extract.

We are not going to explain to you in detail about the product but we would like to our recommendation.

Let us just tell you this.

Green coffee bean extract is unroasted coffee bean. They did a study on this thing headed by Dr. Vincent by taking in 16 men and women. They were overweight people and the study was done in India and conducted research on 3 phases.

In the 3 phases they took increasing amount of Green Coffee Bean Capsules without significant change in their diet for the 3 weeks. They just ate like they normally do. But they stayed active.

After the study the researchers have found the people have lost an average of 17 pounds. That was actually an average and some people even lost 26 pounds during the study.

The researchers have found that the people who took the highest amount of this wonder pill have lost more weight. It was the chlorogenic acid in the pill that did the wonder rather than the caffeine content in it. Usually the chlorogenic acid gets lost during the making of the coffee powder but since it is unroasted in the coffee bean extract the acid is intact. It is something that stabilizes blood sugar and increases your metabolism. Apart from that it prevents the release of glucose, prevents the storage and absorption of fat in the body. When you do not have the presence of glucose on your system, your body will use fat in the body or glycogen which is stored as blood sugar.

It is a magic pill, It is a miracle pill.

We recommend that Green Coffee Bean extract is the thing by which you can rely upon to lose your weight.

Our product Theogreen (Green Coffee Bean Extract) is the only product which is available in the market which has got the highest amount of Chlorogenic Acid about 60%. As mentioned earlier Chlorogenic acid is the ingredient that triggers fat burning.

Green Coffee Bean Extract works for men, too.

Recently there were some questions raised by people that, does the green coffee bean extract works for men?. Is that been created only for women? If you are looking for Green Coffee Bean Extract online it is specifically targeting women.

We just want to let you know, what the sales page looks like, the chlorogenic acid, which is there in the green coffee bean extract is going to lose your weight.

We at gurugarden has been prescribing TheoGreen (green coffee bean extract) to men who are obese for the past 1 year. Our experience is that people has been able to cut out fat from their body. Surpisingly in some men who took the pill has helped to make these six pack show.

Lose 50 pounds per month !!

We are not claiming that you will be losing this much weight like 50 pounds per month. We believe that it is absolutely ridiculous to make a claim like that.

If you are losing weight on a faster pace then it will definitely affect your way of life and your overall health. But, this wonder drug has helped people to shed fat at a significant rate. Above all, you should be careful about from where you really buying this stuff from and do check all the ingredients especially the amount of Chlorogenic Acid because lots of scams are going on the internet world regarding the Green Coffee Bean Extract.

It actually works !!

Green coffee bean extract actually has got positive effects on people who were obese by reducing their overall weight. If you are overweight we can guide you to get moving in the right direction.

The one we recommend, TheoGreen, is having 60% chlorogenic acid which no other Green Coffee Bean extract brand is offering with all the criterion as recommended by the doctors.

With, Theogreen, you can lose your weight with less that the price of a gym membership.

Discover a better version of you by nourishing your body and shed excess fat with no side effects.

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I just want to share my review about the green coffee bean extract. I started taking it after i found in your website and recommended by your herbalist.

In the initial stage i was little bit skeptical about the dietary supplements but i decided to try. I am really glad that i did it. I haven’t changed what is eat and hasn’t started working out or anything like that and i have lost an average of 5 pounds per month which is absolutely amazing.

Now, it is little over 3 months and i have lost weight close to 20 pounds. I am definitely where i wanted to be right now. I would suggest your website to my friends where i found the green coffee bean extract.

David James, CA, USA


I would say that i am one of the biggest skeptic ever i don’t believe in weight management pills and other dietary supplements. I don’t know why. Usually i conduct an online research on it or just ask someone to try it and then i will try it. This isn’t like all my friends were trying it

I read much reviews as possible and talked to several nutritionists and it is the newest and biggest trend lately in health industry.

Anyway i had did my research and found, it looked like that it is pretty much safe and decided to go ahead the try it. First time i decided upon the brand and which type of coffee bean extract i should purchase it. So lot of companies has started making several types of coffee bean extracts. Lots of the people i met and nutritionist said that i look at the full ingredients to check whether it is 100% pure coffee bean extract.

Basically i found many nutritionists and herbalist have recommended that i should take 2 capsules per day which is upto 800 gms per day. I took 1 capsule when i woke up every day and in the evening or either take 1, 15 to 20 mins before your lunch or 15 or 20 mins before your dinner.

I was just taking 2, 1 in the morning and 1 in the night. I just wanted to see whether this actually works.

In just 2 and half weeks i lost 4.5 pounds that was actually a lot for me. I was having a stable weight, i mean the same exact weight for the past 5 years not fluctuated up or down.

If i lose 4.5 pounds in 3 weeks, it is just crazy.

Green Coffee Bean obviously does work. You guys have my stamp of approval and definitely can try this. I would definitely recommend to buy TheoGreen.

Uliana Stephen, North Carolina, United States

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