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Ayurvedic Herbal Dietary Supplement Cleans Vascular System

VASKO, a vascular-cleaning herbal dietary supplement, uses an ancient Ayurvedic formula from India to naturally and efficiently unclog arteries, reduce high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and reverse arthritis.

(PRWEB) January 15, 2005 -- The Chavarcode family, renowned for their history of studying Ayurvedic medicine for generations, has introduced an herbal dietary supplement to America that has been shown to be an effective vascular-cleaning formula. By cleansing the vascular system, this herbal dietary supplement, VASKO, can reduce cholesterol and blood pressure levels, unclog arteries, and reverse arthritis.

"VASKO is not a medicine, but a natural herbal dietary supplement without any chemicals or preservatives," said Roy Chavarcode of "It is a holistic system that works by utilizing and building on your own immune system, and works on so many levels that it helps solve many problems at once."

The VASKO herbal dietary supplement does not address symptoms; rather it gets to the problem by working with the immune system, producing holistic balance to achieve the desired results. Noticeable results are normally achieved by the first bottle, which contains a month's supply of the herbal dietary supplement.

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